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Student Admission Pledge Forms, Class 65, Bridgewater State Normal School
Tuition was waived for Normal School students pledging to teach in the public schools within Massachusetts. Students in the first decades of the State Normal Schools vowed their intention to teach by signing their names in a large ledger book. Beginning in the 1860s each entering student was asked to sign a printed form, which also noted other personal information such as the student's address, birth date, father's name and occupation, and school last attended. Students usually signed the forms when they took the entrance examinations at the start of their first term. These 28 signed pledges are from the 65th Class, which entered the State Normal School at Bridgewater on March 8, 1865. Students in this class included Mary H. Leonard, who after graduating from Bridgewater went on to study at the University of Chicago. She returned to her alma mater to teach (1868-1884) and later taught at the State Normal School at Rock Hill, South Carolina.
State Normal School (Bridgewater, Mass.) - Students
Leonard, Mary H., 1847-1921
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